Twitter Super Follows lets celebrities charge for subscriptions

Super Follows

“Super Follows” a feature that has been in the works for a long time, was unveiled on Twitter on Wednesday, allowing content creators to charge a fee for access to exclusive content.

The move comes as Twitter aims to be the favourite online destination for clickable celebrities while also increasing its own revenue in methods that do not clog the network with advertisements or promotions.

Influencers such as cosmetic artists and sports experts would be allowed to charge their users a price ranging from $3-$10 per month in exchange for providing “behind the scenes” content, early access, and other benefits.

“With Super Follows, people can create an extra level of conversation on Twitter to interact authentically with their most engaged followers – all while earning money,” Twitter product manager Esther Crawford wrote in a blog post. “People can earn money while creating an extra level of conversation on Twitter,” Crawford wrote.

“Creating Super Follows content is for everyone who wants to contribute to the public debate on Twitter by bringing their unique ideas and personalities to the platform.”

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Crawford stated that the list of such characters includes activists, journalists, musicians, writers, gamers, astrology lovers, beauty experts, comedians, and other notable figures, among other things.

After months of beta testing, Twitter announced that the Super Follows function has been formally released with a small set of creators in North America.

The opportunity to follow participating creators will be made available to everyone who uses Twitter on Apple mobile devices in the coming weeks, on a global scale.

According to Crawford, the capability will eventually be made available on cellphones using Google’s Android operating system, as well as on the website, which can be accessed through a web browser.

According to the San Francisco-based firm, Twitter will take no more than three percent of subscriptions as a processing charge until a creator earns $50,000 on the platform, at which point Twitter’s portion increases to 20 percent.

Subscription producers are responsible for paying app store fees, which can amount to as much as 30 percent of the total transaction value.

Ticketed Spaces, a new feature on Twitter that allows popular users to accept gratuities, as well as make money from online events organised in “Tip Jars,” have recently been added.

The company, which has more than 200 million active users, is looking for innovative ways to generate revenue that does not rely on further advertising to achieve this goal.


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