Pakistani woman delivers baby at Attari border, names him ‘Border’

Attari border

Attari border India: On December 2, 2021, a new Indo-Pak ‘Border’ came into existence in the form of a human being.

The border is the name given to a newborn baby boy by a Pakistani couple. They had been stranded at the Attari border crossing with Pakistan for the past 71 days, along with 97 other Pakistanis.

The baby’s parents, Nimbu Bai and Balam Ram, who are from the Punjab province’s Rajanpur area, explained that the name was given to the child because he was born near the Indo-Pak border.

Nimbu Bai was expecting a child, and she gave birth on December 2nd. To assist Nimbu Bai in the delivery of the child, some women from nearby Punjab villages travelled from their homes. In addition to providing other forms of assistance, the locals arranged essential medical facilities for the delivery.

Before the closure, Balam Ram received word that he and 98 other residents, who had been to India on a pilgrimage and to see their family before the shutdown, would be unable to come home because they had the necessary documentation.

The population includes 47 children, six of whom were born in India and are under the age of one. Six of the children were born in India.

In addition to Mohan and Sundar Das, there are several more stranded Pakistanis who have asked the authorities to take them in as refugees.

Several districts in Pakistan, including Rahim Yar Khan and Rajanpur, are home to these individuals.

Currently, they are camped up at the Attari border since Pakistani guards have refused to allow them to enter the country.

These families have been camped out in a parking lot near the Attari international checkpoint since the beginning of the summer. They have been provided with three meals a day, as well as medicine and clothing, by the townspeople.

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