Angelina Jolie support for Afghanistan has been mocked by Fatima Bhutto: ‘What about Kashmir?’

Angelina Jolie

Columnist Fatima Bhutto has addressed the issue of Angelina Jolie Instagram debut post in support of Afghanistan, which she believes is inappropriate.

Angelina Jolie, who serves as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ envoy, took to her Instagram account last week to express her concern for the plight of young Afghan girls following the Taliban’s takeover.

Lady Gaga has appeared in a Georges Hobeika work.

While Jolie’s appeal for assistance has earned widespread acclaim from throughout the world, writer Fatima Bhutto has some legitimate questions to pose.

Several prominent feminists and actors have stated that Afghanistan was a paradise until recently. In another tweet, she expressed her gratitude, writing, “Thank you very much, do Palestine next.”

In her final tweet of the series, Bhutto addressed the critical subject of Kashmiri independence. ‘Has anyone informed her about the situation in Kashmir?’

In an earlier tweet, Bhutto pointed out how “West has always excelled in PR, hugging babies, crying on TV, prancing around in burqas.” It is her opinion that they are “In Afghanistan, the United States is bending over backwards to mould the storey and cover-up their terrible incompetence, callousness, and corruption. It’s not going to work. Your failure will follow you around for a long time.”


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